3DHA Kitchens

3DHA Kitchens 1.0

Create your ultimate kitchen or bath with this great program
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Create your ultimate kitchen or bath with this great program. User interface and templates make designing easy. Lets you begin designing right away. There are kitchen and bath templates you can use to create your own custom design simply by dragging and dropping. Visualize design options and alternatives with a full palette of color, building and trim materials. Lets you easily try out different designs and effects. Try out different styles, colors and finishes before you buy any materials. Change existing cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures or design something completely new! Helps you design smarter and faster. Provides precise alignments as you draw. Provides fast, realistic rendering and integrated lighting controls, for photo-realistic views of your design. Design tips make your design greener. Offers design concepts and use of materials like recycled glass counter tops, bamboo flooring and more.

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